Johnny Dreamguns


22/07/22 - New Song - "Yer gonna have to give me more than that Gordon!"

The local vicar is dead, our plucky hero attempts to contact the recently deceased with disquieting results, the resulting vision is so deficient in meaning that it triggers an exclamation of unbridled frustration

21/04/21 - Radio Silence

For anyone wondering where the next track is, Dreamguns has been temporarily out of action, the alter ego he shares his life with had to wrestle back control for a while to keep things ticking along

On top of this there have been many vocal maladies since the last recording, vocal range is currently down 35.7% and mucus production is up a nauseating 42.3%. Surgeons have been consulted, cameras have been thrust into nasal passages, waiting lists for non-emergency surgery have been incremented

The next track exists in demo form, it will be called “You’re gonna have to give me more than that Gordon”, a story of oneirological miscommunication from beyond the grave

19/11/20 - New Song - "Pandemmy Wah Diddy"

You stumble upon Dreamguns in a rare moment of despair, voice clogged from permacold and temporarily operating from lunar studio “DGSkylab09”, he observes from afar and reflects on the absolute shit show. Watch out for the brief use of an unofficial “sidebottom” voice transformer device and the appearance of a mysterious stranger from another galaxy

21/07/20 - New song - "Washed up at the shore"

Dreamguns paints you a picture of a dreary British day, the washing is getting wet, you just smashed a cup and now the neighbours are flinging shit at each other

15/05/20 - Lockdown

Dreamguns enjoying another Friday night in lockdown

01/05/20 - New song - "Susa"

After tinkering away for years, Dreamguns finally delivers a new song

“Susa” takes you on a journey to the quicksand mud flats of the Solway Firth, where Edward Longshanks spent his final days


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